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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sea Breeze

This tutorial is my own creation,
any resemblance to any other,
is only coincidence and not intentional.
Written: 06.14.14

For this Tutorial I am using the Artwork of
You must have the proper licenses to use this tube.

I am using a FTU Scrap Kit called “Sea Breeze”
You can find this Kit at

Mask of Choice

You will need no filters

Drop Shadow – Vertical & Horizontal: 1 – Opacity: 50 – Blur: 2.00
This DS though out this tutorial

Lets get started ...

New Image 700 x 700 pixels - Tranparent

Open Paper #9
Copy/Paste as new layer – Merge Down
Close Original

Layers – Load/Save Mask - Load Mask From Disk
Layers - Merge Group
Merge Down

Open Tube copy/paste as new layer

Add Towels– Resize 50%
Merge down
Beach Grass – Resize 50%
Merge Down

Highlight your background mask
Add Sand #1
Merge Down
Merge Down
Beach Table
Merge Down
Bird #1
Merge Down
Merge Down
Plant #2 – Resize 75%
Merge Down

Layers – New Raster layer
Add your copyright information
Add a name
Merge Down

Image – Resize 500 x 500 pixels

Adjust – Sharpness - Sharpen

Save as png.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial,
Would love to see your results ♥

1 comment:

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing your talent with us.




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