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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sexy Katie "FORUM SET" (FTU)

This tutorial is my own creation,
any resemblance to any other,
is only coincidence and not intentional.
Written: 11.19.14

For this Tutorial I am using the Artwork of
"©Wendy Gerber"
This is a PTU Tube you must have the proper license's
to use it,
You can purchase this tube at

I am using “SpawnsFSTemplate083”
You can find this Template at ….

You will need filters
MuRa's Meister
Alien Skin Snap Art

Font of Choice
I an using “Yew Busturd Bold”

Lets get started ...

Open Template – Duplicate
Close original

Delete Credit Layer

Highlight Main Background

Add close up tube

Effects – MuRa's Meister – Copies/Line (DEFAULT) Setting

Gaussian Blur - Radius: 20.00

Merge Down

Selections – Select All
Selections – Clip to Canvas

Image – Crop to Selection

Highlight Small Circle Squares Layer

Selections – Select All
Selections – Float
Selections - Defloat
Flood Fill with - #0b0705
Select None (Ctrl+D)

Highlight Shape Background
Magic Wand
Flood fill - #c718ad
Add Close up Tube, I resized mine 50%
Selections – Invert – Delete
Select – Select None

Highlight Shape BG
Effects – Texture Effects
Gap Size : 1
Width : 1
Opacity : 1
Weave Color : #000000
Gaps Color : #000000
Fill Gaps : Checked

Highlight Tube

Alien Skin. Snap Art . Comic
Comic Mode – Color Comic Checked
Rest (Default) Setting

Merge Down onto The Shape BG

Highlight Shape Outline
Selections – Modifty – Expand by : 2
Flood Fill : #000000

Merge Down

Move shape outline to the right side

Add Close tube again on the left side
I resized mine 50%

Selections – Select All
Selections – Clip to Canvas

Image – Crop to Selection

Highlight Border

Selections – Select All
Selections – Float
Selections - Defloat

Selections – Modifty – Expand by : 2
Flood Fill : #000000
Selections – Select None

Drop Shadow
V & H : 1
Opacity : 50
Blur : 2

Drop Shadow
V & H : -1
Opacity : 50
Blur : 2

Layers – New Raster Layer
Add Copyright Information
Add Name

Close out of Main BG

Merge Visible

Reopen Main BG

Copy Main Background

Lets Animate

Paste As New Animation

Right Click Frame
Go down to Insert Image Effects
Define Effects : 2.8 Secs
Frames per Sec : 9fps
Effects Contain a Total of 25 frames
Click Custom
Apply Both

Liquid Properties
Water Depth : 50

Animation – Cull – remove 1 frame every 2 frames
giving you 9 frames

Go to your first frame and delete

Back to PSP

Copy your tube layer

Back to AS

Duplicate until you have 8 frames

Select All – Copy

BG Frames

Select All – Paste

Frame Properties : 20

Save as Gif.
If you want a AVI to match just copy the Shape
Resize 85% - Layers unchecked
Add the copyright information
Add your name
Resize longest side 150 pixels
Save as png.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial
Would love to see your results.


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